New Girl Talk film chronicles ultimate house party

Photo courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR

While many musicians encourage their fans to bring their music home, it takes a true innovator to bring his home to an audience. This past New Year’s eve, Pittsburgh’s Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) did just that with a jaw-dropping concert at Chicago’s Congress Theatre. Fortunately, for those not lucky enough to be in attendance, the show was filmed on multiple HD cameras and has recently been posted online as a short documentary titled, “Girl Talk NYE Chicago.”

The highlight-filled performance is perhaps best defined by its elaborate set design. In the days leading up to the concert, Gillis and a collection of crewmembers constructed a two-story, five-room house built entirely on stage. The home came complete with detailed amenities such as a staircase, a real toilet, and even a living room hutch filled with china. When first seen by the audience, only a few interior lamps were lit. However, as the clock approached midnight multiple lights began emanating not only from the building itself, but also from hidden surfaces throughout the theatre. Eventually, the entire venue erupted into an all-out dance club free-for-all, and now fans around the world can share in the insanity.

See parts 1-3 of “Girl Talk NYE Chicago” here:

Girl Talk first broke into the mainstream consciousness in 2006 with the genre-defying release “Night Ripper.” The sample-heavy record was named to numerous best-of lists, and brought Gillis his largest audiences to that point. Then in 2008, “Feed the Animals,” Gillis’ fourth album on the Illegal Art label brought even more accolades and was even described by Pitchfork as a “the ultimate July 4th rooftop soundtrack.”

Reviewer Ryan Dobal also wrote,

“Unlike mash-up makers in it to figure out the lamest way to combine two song titles, justify their existence with cheap mp3 blog Diggs, or wind up in a Cobrasnake shot with some Olsen twin look-a-like, Gillis just really likes stuffing tons of his favorite FM moments into bursts of Top 40 overload.”

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  1. #1 by collegecuisineblog on October 4, 2010 - 10:32 am

    So awesome. I’m a huge Girl Talk fan and I didn’t think anyone else on the planet was aware of Girl Talk. I love the videos of the concert and find it hysterical that he assembled a house on stage and went all out and jumps around the stage while his laptop plays his music. In all reality he understands music like no other and is a genius.

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