Grand Band Slam Winners Preview – Accidental Groove

Photo courtesy of Accidental Groove

In order to compile part three of our countdown to Grand Band Slam 2010, the Underground slipped across the border to Connecticut to interview Hartford Advocate faves Accidental Groove. However, as of this writing, the group is no more.

Drummer Guy Drapeau had this to say about his band’s untimely dissolution:

“Unfortunately, the band has retired. We did our last show At Rookies in Cromwell, Conn. on August 21. It was a very emotional show for us as we have been playing for more than a decade and [have] seen many great and crazy things along the way.”

Though the music has stopped (for the time being), we at the Underground would like to recognize Accidental Groove for their contributions to the local music scene. Also, we would like to wish all the individual members the best of luck in their future endeavors. Now on to the interview…

Band name – Accidental Groove

Category won – Groove/ Jam

Members –  DeAnna Drapeau (Lead Vocals) Keith La Flamme (Guitar and vocals) Dave Bucalo (Keyboards and vocals), Guy Drapeau (Drums) Tony Barbosa (Bass and vocals)

Q. What town(s) does Accidental Groove call home?

A. Rocky Hill, Conn.

Q. What year did the band form?

A. 1993 was the year of Birth for the Accidental Groove. We have had players come and go through the years. DeAnna and myself are the original members. This final lineup was created in 2006. Dave introduced Dee and I to Tony and Keith.

Q. What is your favorite thing about being a musician in the valley? Biggest complaint?

A. Playing is always rewarding, especially when you have a good crowd in front of you. This latest lineup has never had any issue in “holding the crowd”. The group is tight, personable and plays a wide range of music. Biggest complaint has been (and always will be) load in and load out. Getting home at 4 a.m. on a regular basis knocks the crap out of you the next day.

Q. Tell us about your best and worst gigs.

A. Best gig hands down was Earth day in Hartford, Conn. 1998 with Sean Mullins. 12 thousand people, one hour set, and AG fans were in heavy attendance. Worst gig was in New London, Conn. at a showcase with six bands. 20 people showed up, the band bar tab was $200 (we got paid $50), and my guitar player (at the time) forgot to take his Prozac that day.

See Accidental Groove tackle Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance here:

Q. What can fans expect at/ from one of your shows?

A. AG is a female fronted band primarily, but we have versatility with our two guitar players as they can both sing as well. We like to drink Jagermeister and generally get a little wild as the night goes on.

Q. What was the last record you bought/ listened to?

A. DeAnna buys all the records (downloads) and she is a big Christina Aguilera fan. I have been getting nostalgic lately and been pulling out my old “Boston” records. More than a feeling baby!!

Q. What other Valley band (or solo artist) do you like or look up to?

A. I am a Mullethead fan. Those guys (drummer rocks) are doing music they like and people are eating it up. That is a band that has a good time playing music.

Q. What has been your biggest/ weirdest “rock ‘n’ roll moment”?

A. One of our fans got thrown out of a bar in Boston by a bouncer that was the spitting image of Roger Clemens. One of my rapper/ singers at the time broke out into a verse “Relax, don’t do it,” kind heckling the bouncer. Well, he didn’t appreciate that too much so he waited until after show to deal with his humiliation. As I was walking around the corner to hit the men’s room at the end of the night, he had my rapper/ singer jacked up off the floor by his throat. I tried to be hero and save him, and wound up right next to him jacked up as well. Somehow I talked our way out of a beat down, but it was a close call.

Q. What’s your favorite venue to play? Least favorite?

A. It goes back a few years but my favorite venue has always been Maximillian’s in Springfield. I miss that place.

Q. Do you have any advice for other Valley artists or musicians who are just starting out?

A. Promotions, promotions, promotions. If you don’t promote, you will get nowhere fast. Rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. If you suck no one will come see you. Be different. People like to be surprised, even if it’s something stupid.

For more information on Accidental Groove please visit

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