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Caption contest winner:

Erland and the Carnival (Photo courtesy of Vanessa Galvin)

One week ago, we at the Underground asked you the reader to submit your most creative caption for the photo of British folk-rock act Erland and the Carnival seen above.

Now, we are pleased to announce the winner as one Beau Bensch of Belchertown, Mass. with his caption:

“Okay, we robbed the bank. Time to make MUSIC… guys, guys. You were supposed to lose the masks.”

While any caption containing a reference to a known felony is often comical enough, Bensch’s submission had just enough creativity to put him over the top. And, for those who didn’t win this time don’t worry, more caption contests are already being planned for future posts. Check back soon for your chance to win.

As for the group in the picture itself, they have been pretty busy the last few months. Erland and company released their debut EP “Trouble in Mind” in October on the Full Time Hobby/ Yep Roc label, and recently wrapped up a series of U.S. tour dates that included stops in Boston and New York City.

See the band perform the title track to their EP in the back of a cab here:

For more information and tour dates please visit,, or



Photo caption contest: Animal Farm

Erland and the Carnival (Photo courtesy of Vanessa Galvin)

It’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas. And sorry Mr. Sandler, I don’t care how many songs you’ve written, it’s not Hanukah yet either. It’s time for another photo caption contest.

This week’s photo is of British folk rockers Erland and the Carnival, but as you can see the group’s affinity for farmyard-inspired masks leaves plenty to the imagination. So, dear readers it is your turn once again.

For the next week, the Northeast Underground will be accepting entries via this post’s comment section for our latest photo caption contest. Winners will be announced on December 4, so check back soon to see if your effort makes the grade.

As always, keep it clean and have fun. There’s plenty more where this came from.

Happy captioning!


Photo caption contest: And the winner is…

Monotonix (Photo courtesy of Giles Smith)

As promised, we at the Underground are proud to announce the winner of our first ever photo caption contest.

Congratulations to fellow blogger Ryan Robb at the Hip-Hop Report for his submission:

“Wilson! Wilsonnnn!!!”

Truly, short and sweet was the way to go this time but please check back in the future for more contests and chances to win.

As for the actual story behind the picture itself, the image is actually of Tel Aviv garage rockers Monotonix.

The group recently performed at SXSW, and will release their second full-length release “Not Yet” on January 25 courtesy of Drag City Records.  

See video of the band’s chaotic stage show here:

For more information and tour dates please visit or

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Photo caption contest: Fear the beard

Monotonix (Photo courtesy of Giles Smith)

A long-lost image from Woodstock? One of grandpa’s vacation pictures from his time at Burning Man? Maybe a snapshot taken at a senior picnic gone horribly, horribly wrong? The choice is yours.

As part of the Northeast Underground’s inaugural photo caption contest, we are asking you the reader to submit your most creative captions for the picture posted to the right.

For the next week we will accept entries via our comment section before revealing the true story behind the image, as well as the contest’s winner on November 8.

Please, try to keep it clean folks. But most of all have fun. And check back soon to see if your submission makes the cut. Happy captioning!